Friday, November 30, 2007

Intelligirl is AWESOME!

After finding out that she's the mother of 6-year-old triplets AND is a wonderful instructor AND is finishing her PhD AND is gamer AND has time to write and publish books, I feel that I have nothing to complain about with the complexity of my life. Plus, she has her name branded!

She inspired me to be more efficient in my online activities and my teaching. Her level of comfort with technology was heartwarming, too. She really does not get overwhelmed easily as far as I can tell. Like our current instructor, she thinks in terms of "Just doing it," whereas I get overwhelmed and procrastinate (as this blog indicates).

When a friend told me about the educational value of Second Life, I was pretty excited. I got on the system right away, but I was pretty quickly overwhelmed and did not understand what I was supposed to do. After seeing how she made it look so easy, I think she should create a video as a mentor bringing newbies into Second Life. The system might have more long term users if there was some sort of mentoring videos like that.